What is digital-media.fao.org?


digital-media.fao.org is a digital asset management system (DAM) used by UNFAO staff all over the world to store, organise and retrieve multimedia files and other content assets. It replaces DAMs like MediaBase and Asset Bank, and will provide staff, contractors and other key stakeholders with controlled access to digital assets — including images, photos, video, audio, design and project files and documents. Contact the team - Email: digital-media-hub@fao.org



Does FAO charge a fee to license or purchase its digital assets?


FAO does not charge any fees for users, either internal or external, to license FAO-owned material. FAO does not currently sell any content to third parties. Users of FAO content must adhere to specific terms and conditions.



How can I download an asset - say, a photo?


After you have registered, or logged in as a FAO staff member, you can seek access to FAO multimedia assets in a few ways. FAO staff do not need permission to download. For all other users, you can "request access" to download. There are a range of formats and resolutions to choose from. For more information consult the Digital Media Hub Basic User Guide.



Why am I seeing a watermark on the photo? I would like access to a "clean" image.


Watermarks are included for security reasons to large reproductions of photos inside the Digital Media Hub. FAO staff can download the originals in a range of resolution size. External users can request access to those assets by selecting the Request Access button and explaining their desired usage. Please familiarize yourself with FAO's terms of usage.



How long does it take to receive a “clean” image/footage/asset from FAO staff after submitting a request?


Once an asset is requested, the FAO Team is notified and will endeavour to approve the request as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.



I cannot find specific footage/photos which I know were taken by FAO. Are they available?


The FAO Digital Media, launched in 2024 is integrating FAO audiovisual collections. The initial collection includes more than 200,000 photos and hundreds of videos, as well as assets for use in FAO-led public campaigns. More content will be added progressively. If you have specific questions, you can reach out to collections teams or the DAM core team. Email: digital-media-hub@fao.org



I'd like to use an FAO image as my book cover or in my publication. How can I do that?


FAO photos, videos and other material on the Digital Media Hub are not for commercial use - for example, they cannot be used for marketing or advertising for a company. They are made available for inclusion in the news, stories and reports by media, documentarians and partners that accurately and responsibly depict situations described by the assets. If you are external to FAO, you will need to describe your desired use of FAO material when you request to download it. Further conditions for licensing are included in our Terms and Conditions.



I forgot my password. I can't log in.


Use the 'Forgotten Password' button on the login page to reset / create a new password.



How do I add my photographs, video and audio to digital-media.fao.org?


Please use the Request to Upload Form (and button below) to request upload permissions. You must complete all fields in the form. Once approved to upload, you will receive further instructions and guides. All content uploaded to Digital Media Hub must go through specific checks and approvals ahead of release. Please pay careful attention to the instructions and guides you will receive.



Is AI used in the production or management of visual content?


AI is not used in the production of FAO photographs and video. Within Digital Media Hub, AI is used to provide similar asset selections as you search.