The Digital Media Hub is a collection of multimedia assets which illustrates the Food and Agriculture Organization’s history, current activities, subjects of concern, events and campaigns. It is a continuously growing global collection of photos, videos, audio files and other material that reaches back to FAO’s creation in 1945 and now showcases activity from around the globe.  


Our mission is to federate, safeguard and provide access to this content for FAO staff and those external to FAO. These include professional media organizations, television and radio broadcasters, documentarians and researchers, non-governmental organizations, government partners, and many others. The goal is that by providing valuable multimedia material, we will help disseminate FAO’s advocacy and encourage messaging that will support our shared goals of sustainable development and global food security. 



The Digital Media Hub launched in 2024 with two digital global collections – a catalogue of some 175,000 photos formerly housed on FAO’s “MediaBase”, and a catalogue of videos, audio files and campaign material previously stored on “Asset Bank”. 


The collections are expanding progressively as the Digital Media Hub works to incorporate photos, video, audio and other assets produced by all teams across FAO, as well as historic archival material reaching back decades.